A busy morning for NARS CCP Carl Smith

NARS Critical Care paramedic Carl Smith had a busy morning today. His first call was at 4.45am to attend a cardiac arrest in Kings Lynn.

At 5.50am he was asked to attend a man who was fitting.

At 7.30am Carl was travelling along the A148 when he witnessed the car in front leave the road and roll over. Carl stopped, called in the incident and requested an ambulance and police. The occupants fortunately only suffered minor injuries.

Carl's final call was at 8.20am, when he was called to the A17 at Gedney in Lincolnshire as a result of an East Midlands Ambulance Service crew request. A male pedestrian had been hit by a car and had suffered serious injuries. Carl was backed up by a Magpas crew. The patient was conveyed to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in a serious condition.