Weekly Sweepstake

The NARS weekly Sweepstake is a great way to help support NARS, and by entering you can win a cash prize.

How it works: We hold a Draw four times each month. Each entry costs £1, so the standard monthly subscription is £4. If you wish, you can buy more than one entry per Draw to have a greater chance of winning.

25% of the ticket sales will be set aside as a prize fund. The remainder of the money goes directly to NARS funds to help keep this vital service operational. When sufficient players take part, we will hold a Jackpot Draw once per month, which will pay out a much larger prize.

We ask players to make a Gift Aid declaration, so we can reclaim the tax paid on contribution proceeds. Every £10 raised is worth £12.50 to us.

Players must be aged 16 years or over to take part.

Register for the the weekly sweepstake